November 23, 2017

How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Quickly? [Tutorial]

The day we posted, how to Root Samsung Galaxy Y, people were even more desperate to know how to unroot the device more than rooting it. They are right at their place, because the strongest reason behind clearing the path of unrooting the device is to claim the warranty of the phone at the service center incase something went wrong with the device.  By the way, if you haven’t purchased this phone yet, you can check out the hands-on review of Samsung Galaxy Y.

Samsung Galaxy Y

Why people fear from rooting? It’s because rooting VOIDS warranty and if in the rooting process you got your phone bricked, you cannot go anywhere. On the request of our beloved readers, I researched about unrooting the device and come up with this article.

If you are the one who want to root Samsung Galaxy Y, you can check out the tutorial here. For unrooting, let continue.

Few of the steps and instructions are common in both rooting and unrooting and those are

  • Don’t loose patience
  • Follow the tutorial very seriously and calmly
  • Do not disconnect your phone
  • Make sure your phone is charged more than 60%

Things needed before starting the un-rooting process

  • Download this file.
  • Copy the file to the root of phone’s internal memory

Steps: How to unroot Samsung Galaxy Y?

Step1: Switch off your phone and restart it with the following key combination

Volume UP + Home Key + Power button

It will bring your phone in the CWR (Clockwork Recovery mode).

Step2: In CWR, touchscreen will not work, you need to work using volume keys, home button and power button.

ClockWork Recovery Mode

So using the power button, move to the “Install zip from SD card” option and click on the home key and then choose the ‘choose zip form sd card’ and select file and click “yes”.

Step3: completing above, it will bring you back to the menu. Click on the “Go Back” and then choose “Reboot System Now”.

Whoa! Your phone is un-rooted! Congrats.

If you faced any problem while following this tutorial, do let me know. We will help you instantly.

Disclaimer: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and may end-up bricking your device! You can follow the instructions posted here at your own risk. Dreambloggers will not be held responsible for any damage to your device.

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  1. atanu deb roy says:

    are you sure, it works perfectly?? besides, when can one get bricked? in the middle of a process and if unfortunately that happens, is there any way out??

  2. atanu deb roy says:

    and ya, volume up+home key+power button will take me recovery mode rather than cwr mode, is not it??

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for leaving the comment.

    Yes the above the key combination will lead you to ClockWorkRecovery Mode.

    Stay Tuned with us,

  4. The tutorial worked smoothly for me. You can test it on your phone, Whereas I cannot guarantee whether it will work for you not. According to me, there is no risk involved.

    If unfortunately something goes wrong then you can take your phone for paid service because rooting your phone will void the warranty of the device.

    Thank you for leaving the comment.

  5. Ar-jay Miguel says:

    my phone is totally bricked…can i put again my sd card when its already unbricked?..please i need answer..and i used its warranty to repair it..hopefully its free and it doesnt costs anything…lols

  6. For those who are using android 2.3.5 version of android in galaxy y please update your mobile to 2.3.6 before doing all this. Because android 2.3.5 having graphic problem while playing games using chainfire 3D.

  7. i have a problem with my samsung galexy y internal memory which very low so i cant not move some app or game into sd card,,plse tell me what can i do?????/

  8. Hello Sumit,

    Thank you for leaving the comment.

    I understood your problem, The reason behind the problem of apps not getting moved to SD card is few apps are built in such a manner that they can only work if they are in phone memory. There are few apps which are not permitted to be moved to the SD card.

    I hope you got the reason for the problem. If you have any further queries, Do let us know.

  9. OK So I have Samsung galaxy Y.I rooted it some time ago and now unrooted it .Now If i Take it to Samsung care they won’t know i rooted it right
    Also i Have noticed that if i press any part of touchscreen for long time i get gray marks which slowly disappear.Is there a problem with my phone?
    Please help me .I am getting a bit nervous here

  10. root is not rqrd for my galaxy y

  11. Dear Pranav ,

    If you un-rooted your phone then no problem in getting warranty and also no problem with touch screen . It is common with LCD screens.

  12. it didn’t work for me. the superuser app did not uninstall. i am using galaxy y 2.3.6. please help.

  13. prashant says:

    Hey Thanks I Have Done Unroot My Phone

  14. dn can i use warranty

  15. I noticed an error in your Article… you tolld to put the zip in internal memory of the phone!!! tried to copy it 2-3 times from 3 diff file explorer after which i saw the photo!! Maybe My Mistake to not see the photo! :)

  16. Harshvardhan says:

    Thank you.. now i can get my phone repaired availing its warranty period 😛

  17. Harshvardhan says:

    By the way.. how to check whether the phone is unrooted or not.. since when i rooted it the KERNEL VERSION of my phone changed to root@DELL like something.. and after unrooting its still the same!

  18. anthony says:

    please help me , how can i use my samsung galaxy y again ? after i made a hard rester through pressing the 3 button , i cant connect to internet anymore and whenever i go to the market my device wont recognize. please help me , eventough i follow your steps , there is nothing install in my sd card, no “install zip from sd” no choose zip from sd”. how can i fix it ? icant your network anymore. pleasee help me. thank you

  19. i want un-rooting file …….where I’ll get tat ……..if u have plzzzz send to my mail ……. B3bharath@gmail .com

  20. Nishuagg99 says:

    i did the above procedure but superuser app is still in my menu…

  21. vimlesh says:

    after unrooting galaxy y can i get my warenty back.

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