October 22, 2017

Top 10 Important Apps to Have in The iPhone !

iPhone 4 Apps

The iPhone is a really amazing device launched by Apple Inc. With every passing day there are various applications which are being launched by various corporations and developers for the iPhone. From the long list of these applications, this article focuses on the 10 most important applications that you must have on your iPhone. There […]

iPad 2 Game Review : City Traffic HD Free [Worth Playing!]

City Traffic HD

The Word “App” was crowned as the word of year 2010 by the American Dialect society. App is an abbreviation used for Application. It is a software program or application that will let you manage task, play games, schedule things, reading and much more on the list. Some of the apps are developed just for […]

Features We Want in Apple iPhone 5, Do You Want the Same?

Apple iPhone 5

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple has been striving hard to compete with other brands and has maintained the rank 1 since the day they launched an iPod. The Apple is currently being buzzed because of the upcoming release of iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is also in […]

Siri Voice Recognition and the iPhone 4S: The Smartphone of the Future, Today

Siri iPhone 4S

If there’s one thing that will be endlessly true, it’s that technology will continue to change and evolve. As we continue to explore the limits of our technological capabilities, we will continue be impressed by our findings. Of course, with the endless possibilities our tech gurus seem to exhibit, the tech world also swarms with […]