November 23, 2017

WordPress Eight Years on – Becoming Strong & Loving Day by Day


WordPress was first released on 27 May, 2003, so it has recently passed its eighth birthday, and a little less than six weeks later version 3.2 of the WordPress software was released. It was also announced this summer that the software powers 50 million sites. What does this great longevity and popularity mean for the […]

WordPress Official App is Now Available for Nokia Phones

The core part of blogging is hidden behind the super power of WordPress, isn’t it? Most of the bloggers are using WordPress as blogging platform and most of them have SmartPhones too :). So here goes a good news for all the bloggers, WordPress has released its official application for Nokia phones, which is lively […]

How to Start Your Own Website/Blog ? Part – IV

Back to work!. Till now, we had completed about 50% of the process of making a website/blog. Today, we will understand the concept of Nameservers & Domain Name. Nameserver: As the name suggests Nameserver means Name of the server. Yesterday, we had purchased the hosting service from So now we are having all the […]